Industrial Paint Booth Cleaning With Dry Ice Blasting

December 10, 2020 · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell
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Wisconsin Manufacturer Stays Productive With Rapid Paint Booth Cleanup

Red-D-Arc’s Dry Ice Blasting Specialists are industry-renowned for delivering solutions centered around cleaning and performance maintenance, particularly in commercial/industrial paint operations where dry ice blasting often proves superior to conventional hand scraping or chemical methods for the removal of overspray deposits.

Here is one such example.

Project Scope and Development

A Wisconsin-based manufacturing company contacted Red-D-Arc inquiring about the feasibility of dry ice blasting for their paint operation. The process was to be part of a deep clean for one of the client’s paint booths with the goal of removing heavy overspray from walls, floors, windows, lighting covers, fixtures, and sprayers. Once the deposits were removed, the bare surfaces would undergo a protective clear coat application and the booth would then be returned to production.

Red-D-Arc’s Dry Ice Blasting Specialists were instrumental in reviewing the application, evaluating onsite compressed air requirements, and calculating removal rates and ice consumption estimates. They provided the client with a “clear picture” of the job scope, and they tailored a turnkey rental package specific to the customer’s environment and painting operation.

paint spray booth prior to dry ice blasting
Before Cleanup

Cleanliness is Key

No matter what industry you’re in, a quality paint job requires a clean environment.

Overspray is a continuous problem. It creates buildup on walls, floors, and booth equipment, which can clog ventilation screens and reduce critical air exchange. Overspray can also coat light panels and reduce visibility. Excessive buildup on paint conveyors and hangers can lead to dripping and quality issues.

Dry Ice Blasting for Success

To tackle the challenges presented by overspray, the client rented two dry ice blasting machines. They proceeded to clean the paint booth using roughly 3500lb of dry ice supplied by Red-D-Arc.

The process went so well that the client decided to keep the equipment on rent, and also clean a second paint booth in their operation. The client, with the help of Red-D-Arc’s specialists, is now looking to introduce dry ice blasting into their paint room to help clean spillage on floors, pressure pots, and feed lines.

paint spray booth after dry ice blasting
After Dry Ice Blasting

Paint Cleanup is a Breeze

Dry ice blasting is the ideal solution for maintenance cleaning in environments like paint booths where cleanliness and production uptime is critical.

Because the dry ice sublimates (turns into a gas) on impact, there’s no grit, no secondary waste, and no moisture to contend with. Clients don’t need to wait for any sort of “dry out” period, which gets them back to work quickly. And the only material to be cleaned up is what’s removed from the surfaces.

Dry ice also offers the benefits of being non-abrasive, non-conductive, and non-sparking, which is a safety bonus in paint environments.

Paint Booth Cleanup Package

Red-D-Arc’s Dry Ice Blasting Paint Booth Rental Package provides a turnkey package (rental equipment, dry ice, specialist expertise, and support) and affords customers an opportunity to adopt better housekeeping practices, improve booth uptime associated with cleaning maintenance, and reduce defect rates associated with overspray buildup, paint drips, and particulates.

Call one of our dry ice blasting specialists today to talk about your paint booth cleanup needs.


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